1. To investigate and check cruelty against animals to heighten public awareness of the torture perpetrated on animals for the sake research and beauty, glamour and art to discourage and thwart anti-animal activities by taking prompt remedial action.
  2. To construct sheds for stay of accidental, week, old and awara/ stray animals and birds i.e. shelter house for animals and birds.
  3. To provide necessary treatment to sick animals & birds.
  4. To make arrangement for proper fodder/feeds and drinking water to animals& birds.
  5. To provide AMBULANCE for accidental animals and birds.
  1. To conduct awareness generation program amongst students, tribal youth, adolescents, women & general masses in various aspects & fields like NEAC, legal literacy, literacy, primary health care, cultural programs, sports, music, art, science, road safety, pollution control, population issues, enterprise development, information technology, agriculture, RCH, AIDS, immunization, drug abuse, Indian system of medicine and homeopathy, human rights, national integration, promotion of small family norms etc.
  1. To organize bio-diversity conservation initiatives amongst all sections of community.
  2. Conducting environmental education and training in the sphere conservation of forests, wildlife etc. for rural/urban people, especially through organization of camps and lectures.
  3. To work for maintenance and conservation of bio-diversity.
  1. To conduct campaigns against social evils such as dowry, suicide, corruption, illiteracy, sex ratio, female feticide, child labor and pollution.
  2. To launch cleanliness, sanitation and health education campaign.
  3. Facilitate organization of cattle/agriculture camps and awareness of the diseases in both.
  4. To launch an awareness campaign against infant mortality.
  1. To setup the center for visually handicapped, physically handicapped / disabled, hearing impaired, mentally retarded, multiple handicapped and orphan children and street children.
  2. Formation of voluntary organization in rural/urban areas.
  3. Assistance of weaker sections and marginal farmers.
  4. Development of children (balwaries) and youth clubs and mahila clubs embracing people from all classes.
  5. Peaceful resolution of local conflicts and disputes.
  6. Encouraging landless labors, field bounded laborers and marginal farmers to get themselves organizes into vocations like dairy, piggery, poultry, fishery, cottage industries, handicrafts etc. to better their standard living.
  7. Enabling the weaker sections of the community to take advantage of the various welfare schemes of the govt.
  8. To establish cultural center for artist in both rural and urban areas.
  9. To establish village library to provide an interaction platform to the villagers with current happening in the world.
  10. To establish homes (shishugrah) for infants for providing them better care.
  11. To establish student hostel and health gym.
  12. To arrange science and technology for rural development.
  13. To setup jan shikshan sansthan.
  1. To preserve, develop, promote and disseminate tribal/folk art and culture.
  2. Cultural heritage of different tribes all over India and abroad.
  3. To undertake research projects in culture.
  4. To set up multipurpose cultural complexes/centers.
  5. To conduct cultural program/activity for fund raising of trust development.

In the event of natural calamities such as draught, floods and cyclones:

  1. To undertake voluntary work for victims of calamities through contribution, shramdan, govt. help Etc.
  2. To arrange financial assistance from central/state govt. and voluntary organization.
  3. To organize and maintain a youth task force for rendering on th spot service during disasters and natural calamities.
  4. To maintain and orient the people of flood and drought prone areas in advance to own preventive measures.
  1. To open and run, Educational vocational schools or institutions to bring education within the reach of poor & backward children at National Level.
  2. To provide libraries, publish books on technical & computer educational, cultural & social subjects, organize discussions & Seminars to impart knowledge & understanding amongst the people.
  3. To provide hostels & residential accommodation that may be considered necessary for the students for each member of the staff that may be eligible for it.
  4. To establish & maintain institutions for the handicapped & for adult education, like vocational training in vocations of house hold industry, semi – skilled jobs for self-employment, computer, technical , mechanical, civil, Fashion designing, Beautician, Safety courses, Welding, Social science, languages, fine arts, crafts, music, painting, modeling , Pre Recruitment Trainings for Youth, Yoga, competition entrance coaching etc.
  5. To provide the best education available in some of the best schools in India Emphasis would be on character building, self-discipline & the development of the creative & social faculties. The Society aims at producing well informed & well assured young children just the kind of children that our country needs.
  6. To provide the 3,6 month, 1 & 2 Year all kind of technical and non-technical courses /programmers prepare syllabus and execute the examinations and issue certificates throughout India and give franchises throughout India
  7. To strive to meet changing need of providing comprehensive Technical & computer education to develop varies facets of personality and to impart education to children on the most modern lines & provide an environment congenial to growth & development of the children.
  8. To arrange & organize the social, cultural & computer educational programmers from time to time.
  9. To provide free meals, clothes, medicines and other needy things to the poor and needy children of widows.
  10. To establish, manage, maintain and run Educational, vocational and Technical Institutions anywhere in India, in urban, rural and backward areas and or to provide financial assistance and other facilities to such institutions.
  11. To promote technical education Courses, computer Courses, fashion designing Courses, Safety courses, Welding Courses, dance, theatres, music, arts, songs, yoga, meditation, creativity of the dancers, artists, musicians, singers, poets, theatre persons and other related to any form of visual and performing arts, Pre Recruitment Trainings for Youth , in particular young professional through performance, seminars, talks and workshops, Competitive Exams coaching’s, All types of New generation courses  and to achieve high degree of proficiency in various types of India Classical Dance forms.
  12. To establish, manage maintain and run homes Institutions for the welfare relieve the poor handicapped, old, orphans, widows etc. for their education training to household and cottage industries.
  1. Encouraging the use of alternative sources of energy, like solar cooker, Bio-gas smokeless chullas etc.
  2. To promote non-conventional energy sources.
  3. To enhance the use of solar energy.
  1. To obtain foreign collaboration for transfer of rural technology, marketing processes, etc. from donating agencies in foreign lands.
  2. To obtain the sanction from Govt. of India (Home Ministry) for receiving foreign contributions.
  3. To open a separate bank account for foreign contributions and maintain the accounts properly.
  4. To utilize foreign contributions so received for the up-liftmen of weaker sections and marginal farmers in the rural sector with a view to ensuring the greatest good of the greatest number.
  1. To implement various programmers of social forestry, tree plantation, community forestry etc.
  2. To raise nurseries of various plants for income generating purposes.
  1. To implement issues related programs. 
  2. To work for implementation of Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique (PNDT) Act.
  3. To implement projects on Gender Sensitization.
  1. To promote Handicrafts by developing artisans.
  2. To run projects for development of handicraft through participation of Craft persons.
  3. To upgrade artisan’s skill through appropriate design & technology intervention.
  4. To provide necessary market support and service to the product/craft persons.
  5. To implement schemes of sericulture sector, wool sector.
  6. To run projects, scheme of nation of center for jute diversification.
  7. To setup training cum production centers for promotion of jute diversification.
  1. To run first aid and primary health center.
  2. To provide facilities to people of mobile dispensaries, Medicare unit.
  3. To carry out immunization nutrition for health, medical checkup and blood donation programs.
  4. To propagate family planning schemes by supporting social programs like marking of condoms etc. 
  5. To run reproductive and child health programs.
  6. To provide free medical aids to the aged men and women, the handicapped, widows, free bounded labors and weaker section of the rural/urban population.
  7. To provide portable water and rural/urban people.
  8. To setup hospitals, dispensaries and schools in rural/urban areas, where the existing medical care and educational facilities are inadequate/required.
  9. To start national health programs for leprosy blindness, TB cancer, RTI/STI/HIV/AIDS and other non-curable diseases.
  10. To provide counseling services to people living with anxiety of the unknown in pretest and post test counseling for HIV and to work for prevention of STD/HIV.
  11. To fight against drug abuse.
  12. To initiate nutrition program for health of women and children.
  13. To provide health training.
  14. To conduct health training eyes camps for the masses.
  15. To help the disabled persons purchase fitting of aids/appliances.
  16. To motivate the people for using the India system of medicine and homeopathy.
  1. To provide free medical aid to the aged, men and women. 
  2. To setup poultry/fishery/dairy units to keep elderly occupied as also to generate income for them.
  3. To arrange free feeding of elderly rural poor.
  4. To set up an ASHRAM “apnaGhar” for old people with financial assistance from the central govt. and donations from voluntary agencies. 
  5. To setup DAY CARE Centers for aged.
  1. To promote & educate Equality, as well as Equity, International Integration, Brotherhood, Non-Violence, Love, Peace, Justice, Protection & Promotion of Human Rights for all.
  2. To suggest action for violation of rights by armed political groups and terrorists.
  3. To create an environment as well as an understanding that Human Rights can easily become vulnerable to abuse of various structures and processes of power and to examine the inter-dependence of and linkage between Human Rights and democracy, pluralism, development, ecological balance, peace and harmony at the national and international levels.
  4. To make people aware of “Human Rights duties”, privileges conduct training camps & workshops; homes, residential/vocational schools & colleges, research & medical colleges and Human Rights Camps.
  5. To promote art & culture, maintain, encourage, and assist/help setting up Centers for promotion of Human Rights.
  6. To promote social progress and better standards of life and activity in cooperation with the Government of India and other countries to promote human rights education.
  7. To develop a more distinctive and effective role for the International Court of Justice to fulfill the Human Rights and spread the messages/values of Human Rights by way of Human Rights education.
  8. To open training camps and workshops for the development of arts, plays and culture and raise funds through subscriptions, donations, trade to fulfill the aims and objects.
  9. To establish and conduct centers of treatment and rehabilitation for the victims of violators of Human Rights.
  10. To actively join hands with the Government of India and other countries to promote Human Rights education and help legal, social and economic discrimination against women and their exploitation in different ways. 
  11. To publish books, encyclopedias, monographs, journals and directories on Human Rights and study and prepare reports on the violation, etc.
  12. To effectively work for gender inequalities, exploitations and injustice as also to encourage / assist talented artists, poets, singers, writers, social workers, journalists, doctors, judges, etc.
  13. To organize and participate in cultural programmers to foster a spirit of nationalism to achieve co-operation in solving various problems of economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights.
  14. establish old age 
  1. To make rural people conscious of their rights and responsibilities, enabling them to stiff for honest efficient administration, speedier justice and for better education, health and other services.
  2. To provide women in destitute legal aid and adequate counseling.

To setup network of village, block, district, state and national and international level NGO’s involved in development sector for better working and implementation of various schemes, funding sources and to provide more benefit to target groups

  1. To setup press & print literature, magazines & newspaper for social welfare.
  2. To prepare brief curriculum for illiterate people and non-financial education.
  1. To conduct various research studies in the field of Agriculture, RCH, Pollution Control, Panchayati Raj, AIDS, Bio-Diversity, Education, Environment, Health, Watershed Management etc.
  2. To conduct surveys on various topics related to development aspect of community
  3. To carry out surveys related to the socio-0economic aspects of rural and urban life
  4. To compose herbal garden to enhance methodology of Indian System of Medicine & homeopathy.
  1. To conduct seminars, conferences, lectures at grass root level, District, state and national level on all matters and problems affecting the people.
  2. To make arrangements  for such caliber farmers as are prepared to go abroad to take part in debates and discussion on transfer to latest technology and marketing processes from labs and research centers to land.
  3. To establish training centers for the farmers to impart knowledge about the latest technology to be adopted by them.
  4. To organize seminars/camps/workshop/transportations and rallies on the various activities for betterment of the rural & urban poor irrespective of casts and creed.
  5. To organize voluntary blood donation camps.
  6. To impart training in horticulture, sericulture, pisci culture, floriculture, poultry, piggery, goatry, mushroom production, computer application production, stenography, knitting & tailoring, beautification trade, readymade garments, leather goods, handlooms, khadi & jute diversification textile, handicraft & traditional occupation to the poor & needy people and take above mentioned programmes for providing themselves a sustainable employment.
  7. To setup coaching centers for SC/ST/OBC and others.
  8. To conduct various refresher courses and orientation training programmers.
  9. To impart training in co-operative marketing, processing and storage.
  10. To conduct training for panchayati raj institutions with help of govt.
  11. To periodically organize seminars, workshops or camps to enlighten people on the aspects of aging and the problems of the aged: how best to tackle these.
  1. To establish Ground (indoor & outdoor) in both rural & urban areas to promote sports activities for normal and disabled friendly.
  2. To establish swimming pools to enhance swimming activities as sports.
  3. To organize various sports meets at village, block, district and state level.
  4. Conduct sports training and competition for disabled /children with special need.
  5. To establish sports cum education center for children under the Trust activity, where sports facilities and education will be provided under one roof.
  6. To promote sports among underprivileged children in both state & national level.
  1. To facilitate formation of groups of women and farmers in rural /urban areas and thereafter bringing them together on a common platform to address issues through federation, clusters and village development committees.
  2. To facilitate microfinance in the groups. 
  3. To facilitate women about their rights and eradication of the differences between girls and boys through trainings and shows.
  4. To organize seminars training shows plays at grass root, block, district and state level about the decreasing sex-ratio in India.
  1. To organize and conduct vocational training courses for youth.
  2. To help youth to acquire knowledge skills’ to awaken social consciousness’ & responsibility.
  3. To evolve and develop the concept of methodology of community work among youth.
  4. To initiate and organize need-oriented rural/urban development programs.
  5. To organize and implement schemes that would help poor people to increase their income.
  6. To plan and execute youth exchange programs; to organize tour and picnics in and out of the country.
  7. To impart education and training of the basis of youth organization methods and practices.
  8. To organize national integration camps.
  9. To conduct various camps i.e. trekking camps, snow skiing, water sports, flying and eco development caps etc. 
  10. To organize debates and declamation contest, speech.
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