Community Services

  • Community Services
    • To setup the center for visually handicapped, physically handicapped / disabled, hearing impaired, mentally retarded, multiple handicapped and orphan children and street children.
    • Formation of voluntary organization in rural/urban areas.
    • Assistance of weaker sections and marginal farmers.
    • Development of children (balwaries) and youth clubs and mahila clubs embracing people from all classes.
    • Peaceful resolution of local conflicts and disputes.
    • Encouraging landless labors, field bounded laborers and marginal farmers to get themselves organizes into vocations like dairy, piggery, poultry, fishery, cottage industries, handicrafts etc. to better their standard living.
    • Enabling the weaker sections of the community to take advantage of the various welfare schemes of the govt.
    • To establish cultural center for artist in both rural and urban areas.
    • To establish village library to provide an interaction platform to the villagers with current happening in the world.
    • To establish homes (shishugrah) for infants for providing them better care.
    • To establish student hostel and health gym.
    • To arrange science and technology for rural development.
    • To setup jan shikshan sansthan.
Community Services

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