• Education & Employment
  1. To open and run, Educational vocational schools or institutions to bring education within the reach of poor & backward children at National Level.
  2. To provide libraries, publish books on technical & computer educational, cultural & social subjects, organize discussions & Seminars to impart knowledge & understanding amongst the people.
  3. To provide hostels & residential accommodation that may be considered necessary for the students for each member of the staff that may be eligible for it.
  4. To establish & maintain institutions for the handicapped & for adult education, like vocational training in vocations of house hold industry, semi – skilled jobs for self-employment, computer, technical , mechanical, civil, Fashion designing, Beautician,   Safety courses, Welding, Social science, languages, fine arts, crafts, music, painting, modeling , Pre Recruitment Trainings for Youth, Yoga, competition entrance coaching etc.
  5. To provide the best education available in some of the best schools in India Emphasis would be on character building, self-discipline & the development of the creative & social faculties. The Society aims at producing well informed & well assured young children just the kind of children that our country needs.
  6. To provide the 3,6 month, 1 & 2 Year  all kind of technical and non-technical courses /programmers prepare syllabus and execute the examinations and issue certificates throughout India and give franchises throughout India
  7. To strive to meet changing need of providing comprehensive Technical & computer education to develop varies facets of personality and to impart education to children on the most modern lines & provide an environment congenial to growth & development of the children.
  8. To arrange & organize the social, cultural & computer educational programmers from time to time.
  9. To provide free meals, clothes, medicines and other needy things to the poor and needy children of widows.
  10. To establish, manage, maintain and run Educational, vocational and Technical Institutions anywhere in India, in urban, rural and backward areas and or to provide financial assistance and other facilities to such institutions.
  11. To promote technical education Courses, computer Courses, fashion designing Courses, Safety courses, Welding Courses, dance, theatres, music, arts, songs, yoga, meditation, creativity of the dancers, artists, musicians, singers, poets, theatre persons and other related to any form of visual and performing arts, Pre Recruitment Trainings for Youth  , in particular young professional through performance, seminars, talks and workshops, Competitive Exams coaching’s, All types of New generation courses  and to achieve high degree of proficiency in various types of India Classical Dance forms.
  12. To establish, manage maintain and run homes Institutions for the welfare relieve the poor handicapped, old, orphans, widows etc. for their education training to household and cottage industries.
Education & Employment

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