Health and Family Welfare

  • Health and Family Welfare
    • To run first aid and primary health center.
    • To provide facilities to people of mobile dispensaries, Medicare unit.
    • To carry out immunization nutrition for health, medical checkup and blood donation programs.
    • To propagate family planning schemes by supporting social programs like marking of condoms etc.
    • To run reproductive and child health programs.
    • To provide free medical aids to the aged men and women, the handicapped, widows, free bounded labors and weaker section of the rural/urban population.
    • To provide portable water and rural/urban people.
    • To setup hospitals, dispensaries and schools in rural/urban areas, where the existing medical care and educational facilities are inadequate/required.
    • To start national health programs for leprosy blindness, TB cancer, RTI/STI/HIV/AIDS and other non-curable diseases.
    • To provide counseling services to people living with anxiety of the unknown in pretest and post test counseling for HIV and to work for prevention of STD/HIV.
    • To fight against drug abuse.
    • To initiate nutrition program for health of women and children.
    • To provide health training.
    • To conduct health training eyes camps for the masses.
    • To help the disabled persons purchase fitting of aids/appliances.
    • To motivate the people for using the India system of medicine and homeopathy.
Health and Family Welfare

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